Superposition of Color

Have you ever wonder about the strange poetic properties of color? Black and white are quite literally the opposite of each other, yet viewed through a different lens they are one in the same. 

The painter mixes all the paints together to arrive at black but the physicist sees black as the absence of all color. For the painter white is the blank canvas without any color added yet the physicist sees white as every color added together. 

Seeing this color is both ironic and beautiful. Black and white are really one in the same when seen holistically. But separated into its views they may appear to be quite opposites.  

This is a physical metaphor that I believe can be applied to things throughout life that seem to be complete opposites. Just like as in  magnetic, opposites attract. Thus having more in common then they let on. Try observing when things seem polar opposites in your day to day life and trying stepping back and seeing them from a different lens to understand their similarities.